Websites That Every Gamer Should Bookmark

Finding the most helpful and reliable gaming-related websites on the internet is a difficult process because there are so many of them. Do you want to know some of the top websites that every player ought to bookmark? then review the list!


Here in this article we will provide latest details about Websites every gamer should bookmark. You are continuously searching for new games, updates, and gaming news if you’re a gamer. The number of gaming websites available makes it difficult to keep up with everything. We’ve compiled a list of the best websites for gamers to bookmark to make things easier.

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Websites Every Gamer Should Bookmark

  1. Steam: This is the biggest online gaming site, and you can buy, download, and play a huge selection of games from it on your computer. Additionally, there is a social component to Steam where you can interact with friends, join groups, and take part in forums.
  2. IGN: IGN is a well-known source of news and reviews about video games. The most recent console releases, game releases, and business news are all covered. You’ll always be informed because they have a vibrant community that discusses the most recent gaming news.
  3. Kotaku: Another well-known gaming website that offers news, reviews, and features on video games is Kotaku. They provide in-depth and amusing coverage of all gaming genres, including independent and popular games. Another well-known gaming website that offers news, reviews, and features on video games is Kotaku. They provide in-depth and amusing coverage of all gaming genres, including independent and popular games.
  4. Giant Bomb: A website called Giant Bomb is devoted to video games, movies, TV shows, and comic books. They have a vast library of games, and their features and reviews are consistently interesting and enlightening. A website called Giant Bomb is devoted to video games, movies, TV shows, and comic books. They have a vast library of games, and their features and reviews are consistently interesting and enlightening.
  5. Reddit: For gamers, Reddit is a fantastic informational resource. You can readily access information on the most recent releases, news, and conversations thanks to the various subreddits devoted to particular games, consoles, and genres.
  6. Polygon: On the website Polygon, all things pop culture and gaming are covered. A group of skilled writers on their staff offer in-depth reviews, stories, and news. Additionally, they have a large readership who are eager to debate the newest gaming developments.
  7. Metacritic: A website called Metacritic compiles reviews from many sources and rates each game. This can be a useful tool for gamers who wish to read reviews of games before they decide to purchase them.
  8. GameSpot: A well-known gaming website called GameSpot offers news, reviews, and features about video games. They have a sizable readership that is constantly prepared to discuss the newest gaming trends, cover all the major platforms, and cover them all.

In conclusion, these websites are essential for every gamer who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest news, reviews, and discussions in the gaming world. Bookmark these sites and stay in the loop on all things gaming!

There is almost any need to discuss how significantly the internet has impacted every facet of daily life because it has grown to be such a vital source of information.

You just cannot function without it, and in the modern gaming world, the internet serves as your go-to source for news, reviews, buying, and problem-solving.

We’ll go over the top websites that every gamer should bookmark in this list, including news and review sites as well as independent online retailers that might be able to offer you a better deal than Steam.

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News and Reviews

We’ll look at websites in the first category that cover news and reviews of games and gaming hardware. We have combined these two territories into one category because they frequently overlap.


metacritic Websites every gamer should bookmark

About the Site

Many people have relied on MetaCritic for game reviews for a very long time. They compile reviews for movies, TV shows, and music in addition to games.

However, it goes without saying that it has gained such popularity not only because it serves as a portal to a wide range of expert reviews, but also because anyone can sign up and post their own reviews, giving readers a glimpse into what the average consumer thinks of a game, movie, show, or album. This is best platform for Websites every gamer should bookmark.

How Does It Work?

The website calculates both an overall “user score” based on user ratings and reviews as well as an overall “metascore” based on reviews from various critics. In this manner, you can quickly learn how both critics and players generally feel about a particular game.

Why Should You Care?

Aggregation is perhaps the most dependable technique to deal with reviews’ inherent bias, which some reviews have more of than others. Others won’t be if one reviewer is excessively kind or abnormally scathing toward a certain book.

The user score, as we have already discussed, is also a fantastic tool to determine how players feel about a particular game. However, user reviews obviously have a tendency to be less objective and more prejudiced than reviews produced by experts.

But in any case, MetaCritic is your gateway to professional and user reviews alike.

Noteworthy Sites

some video game characters side by side Websites every gamer should bookmark

It would be quite a read if we went and described each authority site and blog in more detail, as there are many of them to turn to when looking for news and reviews surrounding the newest games and hardware. Here is a basic list of the websites that, in our opinion, are the most trustworthy of its sort, listed in no particular order.

Hardware News & Reviews:

Game News & Reviews:

Now, some of these inevitably deal with both games and hardware, but we took the liberty of separating them based on which of these areas they prioritize/are better known for.

Game Stores

We have Steam first and foremost, and everyone is familiar with Steam. But did you know that there are internet retailers that are at least as good as Steam? In fact, whether you’re looking for Steam or non-Steam games, you can frequently find considerably better offers elsewhere. All of this second section will be devoted to such independent gaming retailers.


gaming websites Websites every gamer should bookmark

About the Site

One of those incredibly well-known retailers that some people still strangely don’t know about is HumbleBundle. It started out as nothing more than a discreet storefront for independent video games in 2010. The project, however, rapidly increased in size over time and has since become a favourite among many gamers.

The success of HumbleBundle may be attributed to a number of things, including competitive pricing, customer-friendly practises, charitable donations, and of course, the incredible game packages.

How Does It Work?

Today, HumbleBundle consists of three “layers”, so to speak, and these are:

  1. Humble Bundle
  2. Humble Monthly
  3. Humble Store

The first set of products to be offered on the website was the Humble Bundle, after which it takes its name. At any given time, there are usually six bundles on the website, including not only game bundles but also software, eBook, comic, and mixed bundles that contain a variety of products. In terms of game bundles, PC games make up the majority of them, while console game packages have occasionally been created. Customers may pay whatever they choose, and the packages are typically divided into three tiers. This is best source Websites every gamer should bookmark.

Humble Monthly is comparable to the Humble Bundle, albeit having some key differences. There is just one monthly bundle per month, as the name suggests, and it only concentrates on games. Additionally, just one, two, or three of the most eye-catching games are made public at the beginning of the month, while the remaining games are kept a secret until the release of the next month’s bundle. Additionally, monthly bundles have a fixed price of $12, unlike Humble Bundles where you can pay whatever you want throughout three tiers.

websites for gamers Websites every gamer should bookmark

But Humble Monthly is more than just a collection of video games. Given that it is a month-to-month membership with an optional long-term commitment that can help you save some money, it is actually more of a service. Additionally, Humble Monthly subscribers get access to the Humble Trove, a library of other DRM-free titles, as well as additional discounts and shop credit.

The Humble Store comes in last, but certainly not least. There are several Steam titles available here, while some are also accessible as direct DRM-free downloads. While HumbleBundle offers customers an optional 5% cashback in the form of store credit on every purchase as part of the Humble Rewards programme, in addition to a portion of each purchase going directly to a charity of your choice, the discounts are essentially as frequent and substantial as those you’d find on Steam.

Why Should You Care?

Of course, the bundles are HumbleBundle’s greatest strength. They represent a special chance to get a number of excellent games for even lower prices, and Humble Monthly, should you choose to use it, does not even require a lengthy commitment.

Additionally, they reward devoted customers even though their store may not be all that much more cost-effective than Steam itself.

Not to mention that each purchase will help a good cause! Why not give back while enjoying some top-notch entertainment?


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best gaming websites Websites every gamer should bookmark

About the Site

Good Old Games, also known by the abbreviation “GoG,” is a division of Polish publisher CD Projekt, whose name didn’t become well-known until the success of the Witcher video games.

Today, CD Projekt Red is well known for The Witcher video game series and the extremely contentious release of Cyberpunk 2077. GoG is a completely DRM-free store, so none of the games purchased there require a launcher or require activation on Steam or elsewhere.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, GoG is an online store that sells DRM-free games, and any games that you buy, you can download directly to your PC from the GoG library. This means that you don’t have to use another pesky launcher or have an active internet connection in order to play the games that you have purchased.

Why Should You Care?

First and foremost, a large number of classic games that are not present on Steam or in any other store may be discovered on GoG.

In addition, the store itself has a helpful 30-day refund policy and decent customer assistance. In the end, GoG is a great option if you want to find cheap prices on both new and old DRM-free games or you simply don’t want to utilise Steam for whatever reason.

Other Ways To Get Games

video game characters side by side Websites every gamer should bookmark

While some of the more well-known online game stores include Steam, HumbleBundle, and GoG, there are others that you may not be familiar with. Among them are

  • Fanatical – Similar to HumbleBundle, it includes both a store and game bundles, although they are rarely as good as what you’d find on HB.
  • IndieGala – a retailer of independent video games that provides both bundles and a large range of independent games. The bundles adhere to the same “pay what you want” tenet as HumbleBundle, although the quality of the games isn’t as high.
  • GreenManGaming – Another well-known retailer that provides both reliable bundle savings and good discounts. Again, the games included in bundles typically aren’t of the same calibre as those from HumbleBundle, but GMG stands out for their fantastic pricing.

In addition to legitimate internet shops, there are also “grey markets,” or online marketplaces where users can buy, sell, and trade game keys. There are a few of these markets, with G2A being the most well-known. However, because of G2A’s unethical business methods and anti-consumer rules, we strongly advise against utilising it.

Therefore, we advise using one of the following markets instead if you’re seeking for the best game deals:

Although none of the marketplaces mentioned above are as embroiled in controversy as G2A is and none of them share the anti-consumer policies of the aforementioned company, keep in mind that there is always a chance of running into scammers or other serious issues when making purchases through a grey market. It’s hoped that the business will step in to settle disputes and give refunds when necessary, but in grey markets, nothing is ever really certain.


In this section, we have a couple of other sites which don’t fit into the former two categories but that can be of great help nonetheless.


good game websites Websites every gamer should bookmark

Perhaps unexpectedly, this is the “front page of the Internet.” After all, Reddit isn’t a website you immediately identify with gaming. However, it is home to many vibrant gaming communities, which you will undoubtedly love if you enjoy playing multiplayer-only games.

A near-dead multiplayer area of an older game may fast start to seem like it did on launch day with a little assistance from one such group.

Additionally, you can find a lot of user evaluations for some products that you might have a hard time locating elsewhere.


game review websites Websites every gamer should bookmark

About the Site

UserBenchmark does exactly what its name suggests: it gathers data from innumerable user PCs all around the world using a straightforward benchmarking tool, and then uploads that data to the UserBenchmark database. UserBenchmark does exactly what its name suggests: it gathers data from innumerable user PCs all around the world using a straightforward benchmarking tool, and then uploads that data to the UserBenchmark database.

How Does It Work?

You only need to search for the component you want details on. These include the CPU, GPU, SSD, HDD, and RAM. You can easily compare that component to another one of your choices while also getting some general performance information on it from the website. Download their programme, run it, and give it a few minutes to finish if you wish to add to the UserBenchmark database yourself.

Why Should You Care?

When creating a new gaming PC or simply needing to upgrade your components, the website is helpful. It is a simple technique to determine how well a component performs overall when compared to other components.

Of course, it is not by any means the greatest testing tool available, and before deciding on a certain piece of hardware, you should always read some more thorough reviews and benchmarks.


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popular gaming websites Websites every gamer should bookmark

About the Site

This website’s name pretty much sums everything up. You never have to worry about missing out on a great deal because IsThereAnyDeal is here to keep you updated on specials, discounts, and bundle offers being offered at over 40 100% legal online retailers.

How Does It Work?

You can create a customised “waitlist” on IsThereAnyDeal by importing your wishlists from any of the tracked stores after logging in. You may then specify exactly what information you want to be notified about—discounts, price reductions, packages, special releases, etc.—and you will start receiving notifications on a regular basis in your email.

Why Should You Care?

In marketplaces other than Steam, there are virtually always deeper discounts available, but it is impossible to keep track of them all without the aid of a website like this one.

You will always be updated on all the titles you’re interested in via IsThereAnyDeal, and you’ll be able to purchase them for the lowest price.

The Final Word

And that’s it for some really helpful websites that we think every gamer should bookmark. Of course, GamingScan is also included.

There are obviously a lot of websites that we didn’t mention, so if you think there are any others that should have been, please leave a comment and we’ll consider amending the article.

This was all about Websites every gamer should bookmark Websites every gamer should bookmark hope you like it.




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