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Here in this article we will tell you about top 10 rarest mounts in wow. One of the most well-known MMORPGs, World of Warcraft, offers players a huge selection of mounts to acquire and display. While some mounts are quite common and simple to acquire, others are exceedingly rare and challenging. Players cherish and highly seek out these mounts for their rarity and beauty. The top ten rarest mounts in World of Warcraft are listed below.

  1. Swift Spectral Tiger – This mount, one of the most sought-after in the game, was only accessible through a unique offer. It is an uncommon drop from a unique loot card in the TCG (Trading Card Game) and is currently only available through player trade or the auction house.
  2. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent – Only a rare drop from a world boss in the Mists of Pandaria expansion will get you access to this ride. It is prized by collectors and regarded as one of the game’s most exquisite mounts.
  3. Invincible – In the Icecrown Citadel raid, Arthas Menethil, the raid boss, occasionally drops this mount. Due to its rarity and beauty, it is one of the few flying mounts in the game. In the Icecrown Citadel raid, Arthas Menethil, the raid boss, occasionally drops this mount. Due to its rarity and beauty, it is one of the few flying mounts in the game.
  4. Pureblood Fire Hawk – In the Cataclysm expansion, a world boss can drop this mount on occasion. It is one of the few flying horses in the game, and players like it because of its fiery appearance. In the Cataclysm expansion, a world boss can drop this mount on occasion. It is one of the few flying horses in the game, and players like it because of its fiery appearance.
  5. Ironhoof Destroyer – This mount is a coveted find in the Blackrock Foundry raid’s Blackhand encounter. It’s a huge, heavily-armored military mount that looks magnificent and menacing.
  6. Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake – One of the few flying mounts in the game, this one is a rare drop from a world monster in Northrend. It is a preferred option for players because of its distinctive appearance.
  7. Shadow of the Colossus – This mount is a coveted drop from the Throne of Thunder raid’s Ra-den encounter. It’s a huge, alien mount that looks both stunning and menacing.
  8. Vicious War Steed – In World of Warcraft, you can earn this mount by winning 3000 rated PvP (Player versus. Player) engagements. Due to its uniqueness and look as a fearsome warhorse, it is a highly sought mount.
  9. Spectral Gryphon – One of the few flying mounts in the game, this one is a rare drop from a world monster in Northrend. It is a preferred option for gamers because of its attractive design.
  10. Corrupted Fire Hawk – This mount is a coveted drop from the Firelands raid’s Ragnaros encounter. It is a well-liked option among gamers thanks to its flaming appearance and distinctive skills.

In summary, these mounts are the most coveted and rarest in World of Warcraft. They are heavily sought after by gamers for their rarity and beauty, whether it is through exclusive promos, rare drops, or high-end gameplay. These horses are incredibly precious and in high demand because owning one of them in the game is a sign of success and distinction.

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We will also describe another list of top 10 rarest mounts in wow. For a while now, mounts in World of Warcraft have been a collector’s dream. New mounts are added to the game with each significant content patch. While some mounts can only be obtained temporarily (for example, by finishing a certain category of content before a season finishes), others are available indefinitely.

We’ll examine 10 of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft today. With the exception of our final post, we’re only going to list mounts that are still available so that all of you treasure seekers out there have new shinys to look for.

10. Ashes of Al’ar

Ashes of Al’ar
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

A truly iconic World of Warcraft mount is Ashes of Al’ar. With the introduction of flying as a new gameplay element in The Burning Crusade, Blizzard Entertainment started to define what WoW mounts might and would be. A variety of fascinating mounts were produced.

Ashes of Al’ar were left behind by the notorious Kael’thas Sunstrider, who resides in the 25-man raid, The Eye, and is still highly sought after today. It’s unlike any other mount in the game (although it resembles the Dark Phoenix mount somewhat), and when it initially appeared 15 years ago, it was truly something to behold.

You’ll probably need to spend a lot of time running The Eye since it only drops at a rate of 1.7% if you want to find this golden golden bird. Fortunately, max-level players can complete the instance in about 10 minutes, so hopefully you won’t have to wait too long to finish it. We started in reverse manner of top 10 rarest mounts in wow.

9. Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

The cloud serpent, a brand-new class of flying mount introduced by Mists of Pandaria, is available in WoW. There are many cloud serpent mounts available, but most of them are much more accessible than the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent.

The world boss Nalak the Storm Lord, who spawns on The Isle of Thunder towards the top of the island, drops this specific mount (60.5 37.3). The mount has one of the lowest drop rates in the game, while its exact drop rate is unknown. It is speculated to be approximately 0.02%.

If you’re willing to camp around Nalak’s spawn spot, you should be able to kill him quite reliably because he spawns every 15-20 minutes. This one will require a lot of patience from you.

8. Risen Mare

Risen Mare
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

The Risen Mare is not the most eye-catching mount on this list, but we have included it since, at the time this list was written, it was one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft. The Risen Mare, a reward for Island Expeditions in Battle for Azeroth, is modelled after the original Forsaken mounts from Vanilla World of Warcraft. The only horse mount in the game without a saddle, it is well-known for this.

The Risen Mare can presently be acquired from Island Expeditions in two different methods. Run Island Expeditions with Necromancer mobs present as part of the first approach (keep in mind that the mount can drop from any foe as long as Necromancers have spawned). Although we don’t know the actual drop-rate for this one, it is modest. Even at Mythic difficulty, the drop-rate is less than 1%, despite the fact that it rises with difficulty.

The Risen Mare can also be obtained by purchasing Havenswood Salvage using the resources cultivated through Island Expeditions. From Captain Nightrunner in Boralus or Captain Kitt in Dazar’alor, you can purchase the salvage.

There is a 5% chance that Risen Mare will be there when you open the salvage. However, there is a catch: Havenswood Salvage won’t always be accessible because the kinds of salvage the merchants offer change weekly.

7. Prestigious Midnight Courser

Prestigious Midnight Courser
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

This ride is unquestionably one of the most attractive horse mounts in the game, but obtaining it will require some PvP grinding. When it was first made available during Legion, achieving Prestige Level 25 was required to purchase this mount.

Nowadays, both the procedure for getting the Prestigious Midnight Courser and the PvP progression system have undergone some changes. To ride on this terrifying-looking beast today, you must grind Honor to level 250.

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6. Son of Galleon

Son of Galleon
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

By fighting Galleon in The Valley of the Four Winds on the Pandaria continent, one can acquire the Son of Galleon, another Mists of Pandaria mount. Due to its distinctive big saddle, spiked back, and murky green colour, it is one of the most impressive-looking and rarest kodo mounts in World of Warcraft.

Even though we don’t necessarily support enslaving Galleon’s son, players who wish to do so can camp at Galleon’s spawn location, which is directly on the edge of Krasarang Wilds in the eastern part of the zone (71.6 64.4). Every 15-20 minutes when he spawns, kill the global boss.

Unfortunately, this one has a drop-rate that is reported to be as low as 0.01%. Good fortune!

5. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

Another Cloud Serpent is required! Although it’s one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft, we’d say that this Cloud Serpent has the best appearance in the entire game. This mount spawns immediately west of One Keg and is dropped by the Sha of Anger in Pandaria’s Kun Lai Summit zone (54.4 63.2). This man is so big that you can’t miss him!

He respawns every 10 to 20 minutes, which is very frequently. You won’t ever miss the spawn because he also shouts loudly to alert the entire zone. The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent has a very low drop rate despite being very simple to farm. The drop-rate is about 0.02%, similar to the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent from previously on the list.

4. Slime Serpent

Slime Serpent
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

The Slime Serpent stands out from the rest of our list because, although being rare, you can still catch him in Shadowlands with respectable equipment. Due to the fact that it took a player six months after the release of Shadowlands to figure out how to obtain this horse, only a small number of players have been able to acquire him thus far.

You must defeat the final two bosses of the Plaguefall dungeon by yourself in order to obtain your own Slime Serpent. You shouldn’t have too much issue clearing the dungeon on Heroic difficulty (it doesn’t drop on the Normal version), as it’s only a few months until the release of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight.

3. Solar Spirehawk

Solar Spirehawk
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

Our is the second fire-bird to appear on this list, and even though it isn’t quite as well-known as the Ashes of Al’ar, we think the higher-resolution version of the bird is far more attractive. As the Solar Spirehawk drops from the world boss Rukhmar in the Spires of Arak zone of Draenor, you’ll have to go back in time to acquire it.

Rukhmar spawns in the zone’s western coast (47.1 78.4) and moves around quite a bit after it has done so. Once you’ve killed him once, go back to the location near the top for a more reliable kill. The Solar Spirehawk has a 0.2% drop rate, so you’ll probably spend a lot of time camping on the shore.

2. Silent Glider

Silent Glider
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

This extremely rare mount is dropped by the adversary known as “Soundless” in Nazjatar, one of the patch zones for Battle for Azeroth. Several Soundless opponents appear randomly across the zone, particularly in the Coral Forest to the north-east of Newhome, as opposed to dropping from a boss.

Finding these creatures might be challenging, but getting the mount to appear is regrettably a bigger challenge. One of the lowest drop rates in the game, the predicted drop rate at this time is 0.9%.

1. Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider

Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider
[Image Credit: Wowhead]

As we stated at the beginning of this list, our last entry is no longer available. Due to the rarity of this mount, we couldn’t help but include it. These mounts are so uncommon that there has only ever been one in World of Warcraft, which sadly no longer exists. This is the plot.

Narshe, a player in World of Warcraft, contacted a GM in order to recover his Green Mechanostrider after it had been unintentionally erased. The GM complied with his request by giving him back the mount, but mistakenly gave him the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider.

Shortly after, Narshe threw this good faith out the window when he attempted to sell his account using the mount’s rarity. Unsurprisingly, Blizzard deemed this to be a step too far and took the mount away from his account. Undoubtedly, this situation has a lesson to teach us. This comes at first place in top 10 rarest mounts in wow.

This is all about top 10 rarest mounts in wow Hope you like it.




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