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Here in this article we will provide details about spam call blocker apps. The prevalence of mobile phones and the expansion of internet access have made spam calls a significant problem for phone users. These phone calls may be obtrusive, disturbing, or even harmful. Thankfully, spam call blocker apps are now available to help consumers shield themselves from invasive calls. All users must be aware about apps for blocking spam calls to protect devices. Apps to block spam calls protects your device from fraud calls.

Spam Call Blocker Apps

Spam call blocker apps are designed to detect and stop unwanted calls, including those from telemarketers, scammers, and robocallers. These apps employ a number of techniques, such as call pattern analysis and the use of user feedback to identify known spam callers, to detect and stop spam calls. Spam call blocker apps protect device from unwanted calls.

For both iOS and Android devices, there are numerous spam call blocker apps that each have their own special features and advantages. Truecaller, Hiya, RoboKiller, Nomorobo, and Mr. Number are some of the most well-known applications that stop spam calls.

One of the most widely used apps for blocking spam calls is Truecaller, which has more than 250 million users globally. It employs a crowdsourced database of phone numbers to track down spam callers, and users can report spam calls and ban specific numbers to aid the app’s spam detection algorithms.

Another well-known spam call blocker app, Hiya, employs machine learning algorithms to recognise and stop unwanted calls. Moreover, it offers a caller ID feature that shows caller information even when the number being called is not in the user’s contact list.

RoboKiller uses answer bots to waste spam callers’ time and discourage them from calling again as part of its more aggressive strategy to stopping spam calls. Additionally, it employs cutting-edge algorithms to instantly identify and stop new varieties of spam calls.

A spam call filter programme made exclusively for landlines is called Nomorobo. Before they can call the user’s phone, it uses a database of known spam callers to immediately block them.

Users of the spam call filter programme Mr. Number can block specific numbers as well as entire area codes and nations. Additionally, it offers real-time notifications on any local spam call activity for the user.

There are numerous other spam call filter apps available for download in addition to these well-known ones. It’s crucial to take into account aspects like user reviews, app features, and the degree of privacy and security offered by the app while selecting a spam call blocker.

In general, apps that prevent spam calls can be effective tools for keeping out obtrusive calls. These apps can assist users in avoiding the inconvenience and potential risk of unsolicited calls by employing cutting-edge algorithms and community feedback to identify and prevent spam calls.

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Apps For Blocking Spam Calls

Using less-than-ideal robocall blockers raises a number of privacy issues and is frequently found to sell your personal information. Some apps might not have a sufficient caller database for your area, rendering them useless for preventing spam, phishing, and robot calls.

The greatest robot call blockers, however, can make sure that you only receive true calls and messages. They assist you in preventing obnoxious automated calls, spam callers, SMS spammers, etc. To determine the top 8 robocall blockers, we looked into over 25 different products. Based on cost, SMS filtering, robocall blocking, and pricing, among other factors, we assessed each robocall-blocking app.

Best Spam Call Blockers

NameDevice SupportCustomer SupportCaller IDSMS FilteringFree Trial/ RefundLink
YouMailAndroid and iOSLive Chat, Phone, and EmailYesYesLifetime Free Basic PlanLearn More
TruecalleriOS and AndroidLive Chat, Phone, Support Tickets, and EmailYesYesLifetime Free Basic PlanLearn More
NomoroboAndroid and iOSOnline Support Form, Phone, and EmailYesYesYes, 14 DaysLearn More
RobokilleriOS and AndroidLive Chat, Phone, and EmailYesYesYes, 7 DaysLearn More
Call ControlAndroid and iOSEmail and Contact FormYesYesYes, 7 DaysLearn More

Expert Advice:

If frequent robocalls, spam calls, or commercial calls annoy you, then you must utilise a robocall filter. All of your calls and Texts will be successfully filtered out by a reliable robo call blocking service because it has a large database of callers. Try the app out before you buy, always!

1) YouMail – Best Overall Blocker

One of the most sophisticated robocall filters is YouMail, which offers a variety of setting and customization options for different use cases. It uses specially developed audio fingerprinting methods to distinguish between human and robocalls with ease. Multiple call blocking is a feature that lets you block and unblock spam phone numbers.

Every unknown phone number can be readily identified through a reverse phone lookup. This reverse search will be used automatically to locate missed callers. You can set up a secondary phone number for call forwarding or voicemail delivery. The support for an advanced virtual receptionist that handles all of your business calls is one of YouMail’s best features.


  •  Rating: 5.0
  • Device Support: Android and iOS
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Pricing: Plans start at $7.99 per month.
  • Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit YouMail


  • enables you to set up unique voicemail greetings for callers.
  • Any area code custom virtual phone number for commercial use.
  • offers a consolidated inbox so that messages from all numbers can be kept in one location.
  • Create a backup phone number that automatically forwards to your primary number while respecting your privacy.
  • It provides a robocall index that accurately summarises data on robocalls from telecom providers, app developers, etc.
  • built-in capability for automatic call recording and conference calls.
  • AI-driven call screening responds on your behalf to dubious calls.
  • Your mailbox is kept clear of spam thanks to SMS filtering.
  • Every call that comes in is checked against a central database for spam, which is then rejected.
  • Every incoming call is identified and its data are provided by caller ID.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
One of the most advanced voicemail systemsOverpriced paid plans
Plays “Out-Of-Service” message on your behalf to robocalls
Supports conference calls, allowing people to join and leave calls easily

2) TrueCaller – Best for Community driven Robocaller blocking

With the help of a sizable community, Truecaller builds and regularly updates a comprehensive database of spammers, telemarketers, and scams. It offers a single app that handles text messages, phone calls, managing contacts, and blocking robocalls. As you dial, the sophisticated dialer proposes contacts or businesses.

Via its extensive database of confirmed users and companies, you may rapidly identify an unknown phone number. It quickly recognises unidentified SMS and text message numbers. It can be used to automate phantom calls that deter persistent spam callers.


  • Rating: 4.9
  • Device Support: iOS and Android
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Pricing: Plan starts at $10.99 per month
  • Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan


  • precise insights into spam to comprehend calling patterns and behaviour.
  • For effective phone transfer, you may easily save your contacts, messages, and call logs.
  • Calls are answered and messages are sent on your behalf by Truecaller assistance.
  • You can keep a customised list to filter calls from particular people and companies.
  • Use a phone number search to quickly find any unidentified phone number.
  • With SMS filtering, all spam in your messages is blocked.
  • Unwanted calls are blocked using spam call filtering and community-based reporting.
  • You can learn the identity and location of callers thanks to caller ID.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Custom call screen to simplify identifying new callersRelatively less privacy-friendly.
Advanced calls are recorded for specific devices.
Organizes messages in categories like personal, transactional, etc.


3) Nomorobo – Best privacy-focused spam call blocker

One of the most sophisticated robocall blockers, Nomorobo can identify robocalls. This spam call blocker accurately analyses and screens calls before they reach you by utilising a variety of cutting-edge technology. By having them answer an audio question (captcha) to verify their identity, it stops robocalls. By automatically banning undesirable texts and spam messages, it aids in keeping your inbox clutter-free.

When you anticipate a pertinent robocall, you can even selectively disable robocall blocking. In order to ensure that you only receive calls from suitable human callers, Nomorobo automatically screens and assesses dubious contacts.


  •  Rating: 4.8
  • Device Support: iOS and Android
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Pricing: $49.99 per year
  • Free Trial: 14 Days Free Trial


  • Effective filtering methods guarantee voicemail that is fully free of spam.
  • If you discover a number being incorrectly banned, you can report it.
  • Full support for all significant VoIP and landline carriers.
  • gives access to a database of well-known scammers and crooks.
  • Search by phone number to learn more about ominous numbers.
  • You can avoid taking several cold calls for marketing by using real-time call filtering.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Extensive database of the most popular robocallers.Slow detection of newly created numbers for robocalls.
Blocks all spam and scam messages to defend against fraud.
Completely ad-free user interface.


4) RoboKiller – Best For fighting robocalls with answer bots

RoboKiller is a great call blocker that makes it simple to adjust how aggressively it blocks spam. When necessary, it offers the option to selectively block/unblock calls from particular categories. If you anticipate an essential call, you can momentarily suspend call blocking.

This robocall-blocking programme makes use of unique audio fingerprinting technology to identify the newest and most sophisticated robocall blockers as soon as possible. It uses an innovative prediction algorithm to analyse all incoming calls before the first ring. You can take use of its sophisticated AI-driven call screening, which manages calls on your behalf and sends you a written transcript later.


  •  Rating: 4.7
  • Device Support: iOS and Android
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at $3.33 per year
  • Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial


  • Set up answer bots to waste the con artists’ time and aid in your removal from their call list.
  • Sophisticated predictive algorithm proactively evaluates incoming calls before the phone starts ringing.
  • the ability to schedule and halt robocall blocking based on your needs.
  • by using a sophisticated algorithm to identify patterns, informs you about the most recent scam trends in your neighbourhood.
  • Unknown companies and people can be quickly identified via phone number search.
  • In your place, Real-time Call Screening responds to calls and later offers a written summary.
  • Caller ID functions enable you to recognise any unauthorised callers.
  • SMS filtering prevents pointless messages from entering your inbox.
  • Call blocking makes sure you never get bothersome telemarketer and spam calls.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Build custom lists to block calls according to your preferencesVery unreliable AI answer bot for communicating with spammers
Call screening communicates with unknown numbers on your behalf and sends you the transcript.
Uses community feedback to better train the algorithm for accuracy

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5) Call Control – Best for Integrating with new apps/services

For all of your calling requirements, Call Control is a full-service solution. It builds and maintains its database with the help of a large user base of more than 12 million people. It gives you with all necessary information even before the first ring and has an excellent caller identification feature that allows you to recognise unauthorised callers.

Any number, area code, or wildcard can be easily blocked. This robocall blocker programme may also be used to scan and filter your SMS and MMS. All of your contacts can be regularly backed up on a cloud server thanks to this feature. In order to ensure that you never miss calls from actual numbers, you can set up a protected contacts list.

Call Control

  •  Rating: 4.6
  • Device Support: iOS and Android
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at $3.33 per year
  • Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial


  • regularly updates its database with the most recent information from the government regarding phone scams.
  • Unified custom block list to stop spam calls and Texts.
  • You can find out if an unknown phone number is a scam or a real company thanks to enhanced incoming call ID.
  • Developers may include REST and JSON into their goods and services thanks to robust support for them.
  • use user feedback to enhance spam detection.
  • The community database only uses the bare minimum of your personal information according to privacy-friendly policies and technologies.
  • Search by phone number to learn more about any number.
  • In your place, Real-time Call Screening answers calls.
  • SMS Filtering makes it easy to manage your inbox.
  • Provides caller ID that identifies incoming phone calls and gives you all valuable details.
  • Spam call blocking protects you from unwanted calls from spammers/scammers and marketers.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Provides separate plans for individuals and enterprise customersSlow at detecting new patterns adopted by spammers
Works with all significant VoIP Landline services
Enhanced call identification gives you relevant information about all unknown callers.


6) Robo Shield – Best tool with bundled security apps

An sophisticated, privacy-focused robocall filter that aids in spam defence is called Robo Shield. Using sophisticated algorithms, it automatically stops unwanted robocalls. You may increase and maximise your online privacy and security. With the aid of its continually updated database, users may rapidly spot the most recent robocalling trends and put an end to them before they start. Among all spam call blocker apps this app is widely used.

It provides reverse phone number lookup so you may use its large database to find the owner of any unused phone number. You may use this excellent robocall blocker to make personalised block lists of the most bothersome numbers.

Robo Shield

  •  Rating: 4.5
  • Device Support: iOS and Android
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Pricing: $2.99 per month
  • Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial


  • every six minutes updates its spam database with the most recent spammers.
  • Choose specifically which call categories to restrict or allow.
  • gives the general public access to a database of unreliable phone numbers.
  • You can quickly search for unlisted phone numbers and find pertinent information.
  • guarantees that only pertinent calls will reach you by blocking all robocalls and spam calls.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
The effortless, straightforward setup lets you use it in no timeNo support for SMS spam checking
Automatically forwards blocked calls to another number or voicemail.
Selectively block and unblock numbers from various categories, like politics, charity, surveys, etc.


7) CallApp – Best Overall calling solution

The best option for all of your calling requirements is CallApp. To enhance your calling experience, it offers a variety of services, such as robocall blocking. Robocalls are automatically rejected or routed to your voicemail system. One of the greatest robocall-blocking apps available, it offers customisable blocking options that let you block things like foreign calls and secret numbers.

A built-in call recorder that can automatically record incoming calls is only one of its many useful functions. Also, you can use it to automatically backup contact information to the cloud so that you never again lose important phone numbers. Additionally, it provides extensive statistics and insights into calling patterns and activities.


  •  Rating: 4.5
  • Device Support: iOS and Android
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Free Trial: Lifetime Free


  • Unknown phone numbers on apps like WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, etc. are identified.
  • A useful contact list that includes information like names, birthdays, and places.
  • provides a functionality for Driving Mode that enables hands-free call taking to increase driving safety.
  • Create unique call screens or quickly set up customised ringtones using pre-built themes.
  • With the call-blocking feature, you are shielded from a variety of unsolicited calls.
  • To give you information on every incoming calls, we use extremely accurate phone call identification.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Effortlessly, find phone numbers of businesses, restaurants, and more.Relatively weak international database
Setup call reminders that remind you about upcoming important calls
Incognito mode protects your privacy by letting you make calls that never appear on your call log.


8) TrapCall – Best for Unmasking spam phone numbers

One of the greatest robocall jammer applications for recognising unknown numbers when receiving calls is Trapcall. Before you receive calls, it requires any ominous callers to identify themselves. This programme allows you to block a variety of phone numbers, including regular spammers, robocallers, telemarketers, etc.

All of your incoming or outgoing calls can be automatically recorded, and you can easily share them for later use. Additionally, it offers a real-time call screening service that takes care of your behalf when suspected spam calls come in. To swiftly identify new spam callers and robocalls, it actively updates its database.


  •  Rating: 4.5
  • Device Support: Android, iOS, and Landline.
  • Caller ID: Yes
  • SMS Filtering: Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at $4.95 per month
  • Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial


  • provides voicemail communication using text-to-speech.
  • tools to make spam callers believe your phone number has changed.
  • Support for missed call notifications to prevent you from missing any crucial calls.
  • Automatic call screening use AI to take care of threatening calls on your behalf and then send you a transcript.
  • Do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup to quickly find an unfamiliar phone number.
  • blocks any obtrusive calls and makes sure that you only receive beneficial calls.
  • You may get all the necessary information about an incoming call through its caller ID function.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Straightforward missed call remindersNo support for SMS spam filtering
Effortlessly, find the name and other details of any unknown phone number.
Detects calls that are trying to mimic your area code prefix


This was all about spam call blocker apps hope you like it. These apps to block spam calls are perfect to protect you from unnecessary calls.


Q: How do spam call blocker apps work?

A: To find and stop unwanted spam calls, spam call blocker apps utilise a combination of call screening, machine learning, and community reporting.

Q: Are spam call blocker apps effective?

A: Certainly, programmes that block unwanted spam calls can be quite successful at doing so. However, the effectiveness can vary based on the app and the exact spam call.

Q: Can spam call blocker apps block legitimate calls?

A: A legitimate call could get blocked by a spam call blocking programme. To avoid this, the majority of apps allow users to whitelist specific phone numbers.

Q: Are spam call blocker apps free?

A: There are many programmes that stop spam calls, both free and premium. The free version may have restricted functionality, whereas the paid version often offers more sophisticated capabilities.

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