18 Most Popular IoT Devices In 2023 (Only Noteworthy IoT Products)


A Complete list and comparison of the interesting and noteworthy IoT Devices and smart products with features:

Internet of Things (IoT) devices support the expansion of internet connection beyond the usual standard devices like computers, laptops, smartphones etc.

These IoT devices are purely integrated with high definition technology which makes it possible for them to communicate or interact over the internet smoothly and can also be managed and controlled remotely when required.

Introduction Of IoT Devices

It is a matter of fact today that a number of IoT products have surpassed a huge number of humans on this planet.

Approximately there are around 7.62 billion humans on our planet, but to your surprise, by the year 2022 with an increasing graph of IoT devices, there may be around 20 billion IoT smart devices up and running with an increase in the demand of 5g network.

Please refer the below graph for to know the increasing demand for these devices in the near future:

graph for demand of IOT devices in future

If an average is made then after some years each and every individual in America would be having more than 10 IoT devices of their own. Please refer this post to more about this statistical data.

Nowadays, the production and usage of the Internet of Things devices are increasing very rapidly. IoT products and devices basically include laptops, smartphones, smart gadgets, smart watches, smart and digitalized vehicles and almost all of these are used majorly today.

How does IoT work and what does makes them smart device?

It basically depends on two things to transform a normal device into IoT smart device.

They are:

  1. The device which has the capability to connect with the internet in any way.
  2. The device which is integrated with technology like sensors, functional software, some inbuilt technology which support network connections and also actuators.

When both these functionalities are combined together an IoT device is formed. Earlier only simple watches were only used to see the time and date, but now the smart IoT watches allow a user to see heartbeat rate, calorie count, steps walked etc.

The market for IoT devices is expanding rapidly day by day and becoming more popular as well with the drastic increase in the number of users who use them daily.

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IoT Life Cycle

IoT has a very simple lifecycle of development.

Deployment followed by monitoring, servicing, managing, which is followed by regular updates and decommissioning at the end.

IoT Product Lifecycle is described in the below diagram.

IOT Device Life Cycle

Apart from these information’s, there are some advantages and disadvantages of the Internet of Things devices which may have a great impact on the current and future generation of mankind.

Advantages Of IoT Devices

There are several advantages of these smart devices and some of them are given below.

  • IoT encourages the interaction between devices called as a machine to machine interaction.
  • It provides good automation and control.
  • Integrated with more technical information, so it is better to operate.
  • IoT possesses strong monitoring feature.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • IoT helps to save more money by reducing manual task and time.
  • Automating daily life tasks makes good monitoring of devices.
  • Increased efficiency and time-saving.
  • With good features make a better quality of life.


Though there are several advantages, there are certain disadvantages too.

Enlisted below are the various demerits:

  • Internet of Things devices does not have any international compatibility standard.
  • They may become highly complex resulting in failure.
  • Internet of Things devices may get affected by privacy and security breach.
  • Reduced safety for users.
  • Reduction in the employment of manual tasks thus resulting in job reductions.
  • Internet of Things device may take control of life in due course of time with increasing AI technology.

Frequently Asked Questions For The Internet Of Things Devices

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions for the Internet of Things devices are enlisted below for your reference:

#1) What are IoT devices?

Answer: IoT devices are basically smart devices which have support for internet connectivity and are able to interact with the other devices over the internet and grant remote access to a user for managing the device as per their need.

#2) What are the examples of IoT devices?

Answer: There are several top devices in the market. Smart Mobiles, smart refrigerators, smartwatches, smart fire alarms, smart door locks, smart bicycles, medical sensors, fitness trackers, smart security system, etc., are few examples of IoT products.

#3) How many IoT smart devices may be there by the year 2022?

Answer: IoT device market is increasing drastically, hence it is assumed to have more than 20 billion IoT products in the market up and in running state by the year 2022.

#4) What technologies are used in IoT products?

Answer: The technologies used in these devices are low energy wireless and Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, ZigBee, wireless protocols etc.

#5) What exactly is the use of an IoT product/device?

Answer: IoT product/devices are basically physical devices integrated with software and can connect with each other over the internet to exchange information, they help the user for more simple and direct integration of the physical world.

Note: The information provided in this article is purely based on the information available on the internet and not from any private source.

List Of Top 18 IoT Devices Examples

Enlisted below are the top Internet of Things devices that are used all over the world.

You can actually buy and experience these devices for yourself! That is the beauty of this list.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Google Home Voice Controller

Google Home Voice Controller

Google Home Voice Controller is a smart IoT device which allows the user to enjoy features like media, alarms, lights, thermostats, control the volume and much more functions just by their voice.

Cost: US $ 130

Top Features:

  • Google home allows a user to listen to media.
  • Let’s the user to control TV and speakers.
  • It is capable of managing timers and alarms.
  • It can remotely handle the volume and home lights as well.
  • It helps the user to plan their day and get things done automatically.

Company Website: Google Home Voice Controller

Where to Buy: Google Store, eBay, Flipkart, dell.com, google express, Verizon etc.

#2) Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller

Amazon Echo Plus voice controller

Amazon Echo Plus voice controller is a popular and reliable IoT device. It is capable to run songs, do phone calls, setting timers and alarms, ask questions, providing information, checking the weather, managing to-do & shopping lists, managing house instruments, and several other things.

Cost: US $ 99.99

Top Features:

  • Amazon Echo can play songs, connect to external speakers or headphones.
  • It is capable of making calls and messaging on voice commands.
  • Amazon Echo has around 6-7 microphones, good technical specifications, and sound cancellation. It is capable of hearing your voice from all directions even when songs are played.
  • Controls compatible smart home devices including lights, plugs, and more.

#3) Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button is basically a device that gets connected over internet Wi-Fi and makes sure that the user does not lack important household items like soft drinks, grocery material, medical and personal care, kids and any pet items ever again.

If a user wants to fully utilize the Dash Button, then the user must be an Amazon Prime member.

Cost: US $ 4.99

Top Features:

  • It allows the user to order products quickly and there is no need to recall the message again and it also helps to reduce the time frame for searching the required product by the user.
  • Amazon Dash Button also allows the user to reorder from popular brands – like Bounty, Tide, Cottonelle, Glad, Clorox etc.
  • It does not accept fresh order if the prior order is not complete unless the user allows multiple orders.
  • It is a good and reliable IoT product that is developed for making the user’s lifestyle simple and easy.

#4) August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam is an effective IoT innovation. August Doorbell Cam allows you to answer your door from anywhere or remote location. It constantly checks your doors and also captures motion changes in your doorstep.

Cost: US $ 199

Top Features:

  •  Doorbell Cam pairs with all August Smart Locks to easily let guests into your home.
  • The integrated floodlight delivers clear, full-color HD video even full-color.
  • It constantly monitors your doorstep and will click the moments leading up to a motion alert.
  • Free 24 hour video recording.
  • It comes with a speedy and hassle-free installation process.

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#5) August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock has proven to be a reliable security IoT device. It allows the user to manage their doors from any location hassle-free. It helps the user to keep thieves away and family in your home.

Cost: US $ 220

Top Features:

  • Allows the user to know about each and every person coming and going into your home.
  • Provides unlimited digital keys and no fear of stolen key.
  • It gives the status updates of your door as it is properly closed or not.
  • It has a good auto-unlock feature and as soon as the user arrives near the door it opens automatically.
  • Easy installation and is compatible with most standard single cylinder deadbolts.

#6) Kuri Mobile Robot

Kuri Mobile Robot

Kuri is the first sort of home robot and most popular too. It is specifically designed for entertainment. Kuri interacts with the users and captures moments all around the house daily.

Cost: US $ 700

Top Features:

  • Kuri has capacitive touch sensors and HD camera.
  • It is integrated with gestural mechanics and microphones.
  • It has heart light and speakers.
  • It includes integrated mapping sensors and drives system.
  • It has a good processor and a smooth charging pad.

#7) Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

The WeMo Light Switch helps a user to manage your home lights from the wall, your mobile or by using your voice. This smart light switch connects to your existing home Wi-Fi network to give wireless access of your lights – with no subscription or hub required.

Cost: US $ 39.95

Top Features:

  • It comes with a clip-on faceplate and no screws are required.
  • Easy on/off, push anywhere to toggle.
  • WIFI indicator and night light available.
  • WIFI reset and power restart available.
  • It has a very quick, simple installation.

#8) Footbot Air Quality Monitor

Footbot Air quality Monitor

Foobot is a reliable IoT device which is helpful in measuring indoor pollution and leads to improved air quality in houses, workplace, and indoor public spaces. It often gives accurate results.

Cost: US $ 199

Top Features:

  • It cleans the air pollution.
  • Keeps the humidity and temperature levels in check.
  • Helps to develop more focus and energy by breathing fresh air.
  • Supports to increase the lifespan of the users.
  • It has a very fast and simple installation process.

#9)  Flow by Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor

Flow by Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor

Flow Air pollution is an amazing discovery in the IoT market. It is a personal air quality tracker which informs the user in which area the air quality is bad and polluted and vice versa. It shows all the results in the map available in its app.

Cost: US $ 179

Top Features:

  • It tells the user about air quality and has a vegan leather strap.
  • It comes with a stainless steel body.
  • It has capacitive touch on its body.
  • It includes good quality RGB LED’S.
  • It has a good user guide and simple installation.

Where to Buy: Flow.plumelabs, Amazon, eBay etc.

#10)  Nest Smoke Alarm

Nest Smoke Alarm

Nest Smoke Alarm is a very useful IoT device. It is a smoke alarm that thinks, speaks and alerts your mobile phone about any un-wanted emergencies in your home. It automatically tests itself.

Cost: US $ 119

Top Features:

  • The user can manage this alarm with the phone without any extra hardware.
  • Installation is easy and can be set up through iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Appearance is very good.
  • It also has certain colors like green, yellow, red to communicate with a user according to the situations.

#11) Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat Easy Temperature Control

Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat Easy Temperature Control

It helps to control the home’s temperature and cooling environment with no effort from the user for Nest thermostat. It adapts according to your activities and manages room the temperature automatically based on your routine.

Cost: US $ 249.99

Top Features:

  • It can interact with Alexa for voice control.
  • It saves a lot of energy by adapting to the room temperature.
  • It helps to read the display across the room.
  • It is compatible with many types of equipment.

#12) Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System

Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System

Philips Hue is a very famous IoT device and is used as a personal wireless lighting system that allows to control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment.

It makes the smart home to live with the most connected lights in the world.

Cost: US $ 30 to US $ 100

Top Features:

  • Smart and away from home control.
  • Light schedules and comfort dimming.
  • Create your ambiance, wake up, well being, etc.
  • Sync with music and movies.

#13) Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Solution

Bitdefender BOX IOT Security Solution

Bitdefender Box is a very useful IoT device. It is the Smart Home Cybersecurity Hub that prevents various Internet-connected devices from malware, stolen passwords, identity theft, spying etc.

Cost: US $ 179.99

YouTube Link: Bitdefender Box

Top Features:

  • It provides Double-Clad Home Network Security to users.
  • Bit defender comes with a high-performance ratio.
  • It provides a unique and rich feature of parental control.
  • It comes with award-winning technology.

#14) Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbells

Ring Doorbells is a reliable IoT product and allows the user to answer the door from any place using your smartphone. Protect your home with security cameras from Ring video doorbell.

Cost: US $ 99.99 to US $ 499

Top Features:

  • It provides Double-Clad Home Network Security to users.
  • Night vision and interchangeable faceplates.
  • HD video quality and motion detection sensor.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery with high performance.

#15) WeMo Insight Smart Plug

WeMo Insight Smart Plug

WeMo smart plug is a good IoT product which helps to turn on your lights, turn appliances on/off and provides the ability to monitor them from anywhere remotely.

Cost: US $ 49.99

Top Features:

  • It gets insight into home energy usage and is easy to use and install.
  • It also creates rules, schedules and receives notifications.
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android devices.
  • It integrates with Alexa or Google voice for hands-free voice control.

#16) Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

Logitech Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony is a powerful and useful IoT smart device for daily purposes. It is a universal remote which lets you control your house media, lighting, and other smart devices from one location remotely.

Cost: US $ 49.99 to US $ 349.99

Top Features:

  • It has features of up to 8 remotes, reduces complexity and clusters in-house.
  • It supports more than 5000 brands and new brands can also be added in the future.
  • It has a simple online setup using your computer.
  • It includes one-click activity buttons like watch a DVD so that it switches to it.

#17) Particle Photon Wi-Fi with Headers

Particle Photon Wi-Fi with Headers

This is the particles IoT board which provides everything that a user needs to build a connection project. It makes prototyping simple and easy due to plugins.

Cost: US $ 19 to US $ 25

Top Features:

  • It has an open source design.
  • It comes with a real-time operating system.
  • It has particle WIFI module and RGB LED.
  • It also has pre-soldered headers.

#18) NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System


It is an extremely powerful Internet of Things device which maintains the whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system that is capable to cover the whole house with fast WI-FI. It can work with the existing internet service provider.

Cost: US $ 323.99

Top Features:

  • It has a simple and quick installation with Orbi app.
  • It allows pausing Wi-Fi to do a quick status check.
  • Eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and buffering.
  • Provides good speed Wi-Fi even if many devices are connected at the same time.

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Internet of Things IoT device is a burning topic in the current era. We understood how these smart devices developed by mankind for mankind are impacting in both positive and negative ways.

In this article, we came to know about IoT device which is the Internet of Things, the types of devices which include IoT in our day to day life and the process in which the IoT devices make a user’s task simple and quick.

We saw how this technology which is increasing drastically is going to impact the future of mankind and the working principle of IoT devices. You also came to know about the price, features, video explanation and from where to buy these devices as per your requirements.

With these points, we believe the time is not too far, in which we will see each and every individual, home using and depending on these “Internet of Things”.

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