How to Use Google Maps’ New Detailed Walking Directions


The new walking directions feature in Google Maps makes the programme far more useful for people who like to travel on foot. The new feature, Detailed Voice Guidance, in Google Maps is particularly made for those who are blind but can be useful to anybody.

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If you’re anything like me, especially when you’re walking to a new location in a strange area, you incessantly double- and triple-check your Google Maps directions. The updated, thorough walking directions allow you to avoid constantly checking your phone to see where you are and instead listen to the audio directions while keeping your phone in your pocket.

Google Maps’ new walking directions will now:

  • Clearly define estimated walk times and distances at the start of navigation.
  • Alert you when you’re nearing busy streets, intersections, and more.
  • Tell you how long until your next turn, as well as which cardinal direction you’re currently headed in.

How to enable Detailed Voice Guidance in Google Maps

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Tap the three stacked lines next to the search bar to open the side menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Settings” then scroll down once again and tap “Navigation Settings.”
  4. Find “Walking Directions” at the bottom of the menu and turn on “Detailed Voice Guidance.”

One of the most widely used navigation programmes, Google Maps offers users worldwide driving, bike, and public transportation directions. Giving walking directions is one area where Google Maps hasn’t always done well. But after the most recent version, Google has significantly improved and now offers far more thorough walking directions.

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Here’s how to use the new, thorough walking directions in Google Maps:

  1. Open Google Maps on your device

Open Google Maps on your smartphone by either the website or the app. To get the most recent features, make sure the app is installed on the most recent version of your device.

  1. Enter your starting point and destination

Use the search field to enter your starting place and destination, or use the map to choose your starting point and destination. Enter the address into the search window if you require walking directions to a particular address.

  1. Choose the walking option

Selecting the walking option after entering your starting place and destination. The suggested walking path will be indicated on the map by a blue line.

  1. Get detailed walking directions

When you select the walking option, a map with specific walking directions will show. These instructions will outline the precise route you must take, including with any turns or intersections, as well as the approximate duration and length of your walk. Additionally, you may examine street-level views of your trip, which comes in handy while travelling in uncharted territory.

  1. Use the map to explore your route

The map also allows you to view satellite imagery, zoom in and out, and explore your journey. This can aid in your comprehension of the area you’ll be travelling through and in the more effective planning of your stroll.

  1. Receive notifications and updates

During your stroll, Google Maps will also send you notifications and updates in real time, including any detours or changes to the path. If you’re going through an unknown region or encounter any road closures or other challenges, this can be quite useful.

In conclusion, the new detailed walking directions in Google Maps are a big upgrade over the old ones and can help make your journeys more effective and pleasurable. The new walking directions can make it simple for you to go where you need to go, whether you’re touring a new city or just strolling through your neighbourhood. So be sure to test Google Maps’ new walking directions the next time you want to go for a walk!

This was all about how to use google maps new detailed walking directions hope you like it.


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