12 Best Hidden Call Recorder Apps for Android & iPhone


Here in this article we will tell you about hidden call recorder apps. Privacy must be valued. However, there are many situations where you need to record calls to know about the whereabouts of your child or spouse. Hidden call recorders help significantly in preventing your child from cyberbullying.

Hidden auto call recorders are sensitive applications that you can use to record calls from a phone’s in-built calling apps and third-party platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. Don’t be blinded by your emotions and see who you can trust with support from spy call recorders.

What are Hidden Call Recorder Apps?

Hidden call recorder apps are used to record calls and view activities on various messaging apps, enable GPS location tracking, and do a lot more. These call recorder apps are hard to detect and include strong spying capabilities such as checking phone logs, capturing surrounding voices, etc.

Best Hidden Call Recorder Apps in 2023

Product Name Free Trial Platform Download Links
TheTruthSky No free trial Android Download TruthSpy Call Recorder Apps
Automatic Call Recorder No free trial Android, iOS Download Automatic Call Recorder App
Auto Call Recorder – Hide App Completely free Android Check Auto Call Recorder – Hide App
Call Recorder Free Auto Hidden Completely free Android, iOS Download Call Recorder Free Auto Hidden
Hidden Call Recorder App Completely free Android Download Hidden Call Recorder
TheOneSpy No free trial Android Get TheOneSpy
TTSPY No free trial Android Download TTSPY
Spyzie Call Recorder No free trial Android Download Spyzie Spy Phone App
Record My Call (RMC) Completely free Android, iOS Download RMC Call Hidden Recording App
Sec-Voice Recorder Completely free Android Download Sec Voice Recorder
Google Voice No free trial iOS Download Google Voice Call Recorder App
TapeACall 7-day free trial iOS Download TapeACall
iPadio Completely free iOS Download iPadio App

Hidden call recorders are available for both android and iOS devices, and these let you select contacts for whom you wish to record calls while the rest can be ignored.

Different spy call recorders come with different functionalities, and you may gather further information on them by going through the next section here.

Best Hidden Call Recorder Apps for Android

Best hidden call recorder apps for Android offer inbuilt functionalities for capturing phone logs besides many other capabilities.

So let us look at some of the trusted call recorders that are hard to detect for your target.

  • TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a hidden auto call recorder ideal for viewing information on the target mobile device. TheTruthSpy hidden call recorder app can be used for GPS tracking, spying on messages, calls, and social media activities.

hidden auto call recorder | TheTruthSpy

This spy call recorder works in an invisible mode in the phone’s background and helps know the whereabouts of your kids, spouse, or employees.

TheTruthSpy App Features

  1. SMS spy for checking the messages exchanged so far
  2. Spy call for tracking call logs and details of outgoing, incoming calls
  3. Call recording option for later hearing and analysis
  4. Ambient voice recording to capture sounds that are there in the background
  5. Monitoring browsing history, websites visited
  6. Easy to record calls through Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more
  7. Hidden keylogger for capturing the hidden keystrokes

Number of Downloads: NA

Rating: 3

Android Version Supported: 9.20

Download Space Required: 9.5 MB

TheTruthSpy Price: TheTruthSpy is a free hidden call recorder app

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  • Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder supports selective recording and saving of calls along with adding shareable notes too. Automatic secret call recorder app can be synced to Google Drive and lets you change the recordings into different audio formats or bitrates.

Advanced audio closing, WMV and AMR are some of the advanced formats available in Automatic Call Recorder.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder:

  1. Call summary menu for displaying call details
  2. Different default settings for recording a call
  3. Auto-on speaker mode for improving voice quality
  4. Expandable call storage inbox for saving calls
  5. Updated bug fixes and premium UI

Number of Downloads: 100 Million Plus

Rating: 3.8

Android Version Supported: 6.18.3

Download Space Required: 4.7MB

Automatic Call Recorder Price: Automatic Call Recorder offers a free and Pro version available. The Pro version comes with advanced features with in-app purchases. It has features like recording calls from a certain contact every time automatically on the cloud.

  • Auto Call Recorder – Hide App

Auto Call Recorder makes it easy to record calls automatically in an inbox whose storage capacity can be scaled as per your requirements. The hidden call recorder app protects the saved recordings through password access and creates contacts’ backup too.

Call recording with Auto Call Recorder is customizable as you can either record calls from a few selected numbers or all of them.

Features of Auto Call Recorder- Hide App

  1. Instant notifications for recording errors
  2. Call logs for the files recorded so far
  3. Multiple formats for making call recordings
  4. Option to share recordings with Bluetooth or messages
  5. Regular bug fixes
  6. Easy to change the app’s language

Number of Downloads: 500K plus downloads

Rating: 3.5

Android Version Supported: 1.1.0

Download Space Required: 4.0 MB

Auto Call Recorder – Hide App Price: Auto Call Recorder – Hide App is a free hidden call recorder app that provides download APK.

  • Call Recorder Free Auto Hidden

Call Recorder Free Auto Hidden is a call recorder app presented by TopHat Technologies that offers various modules to manage call recordings. You can select the contacts you wish to record and store their voice recording in HD instantly.

You also take out the details of the caller with this hidden call recorder app and also track their call logs in the past. Along with this, users can also make calls without going into the phone’s dialer in this hidden call recorder app.

Call Recorder Features by TopHat Technologies:

  1. Automated high definition call recordings
  2. Details of call duration and history
  3. Recording selective or all incoming calls
  4. One touch call recording with unlimited auto save
  5. ACR mode for automatically saving calls

Number of Downloads: NA

Rating: 4

Android Version Supported: NA

Download Space Required: NA

Call Recorder Free Auto Hidden Price: Call Recorder Free Auto Hidden is a free hidden call recorder app.

  • Hidden Call Recorder App

Hidden Call Recorder helps you discreetly record calls or listen to them as and when there is a new incoming call. The hidden call recorder app creates contact backups and saves messages for future reference. Just add the email where you want to receive updates.

Hidden Call Recorder App Features

  1. Automatic recording of outgoing and incoming calls
  2. Multi-language support in up to eighty-one localizations
  3. Manual set up mode for monitoring messages and calls
  4. Folder option for sorting and storing files
  5. Auto deletion of unsorted files and recordings
  6. Enable or disable the passcode lock

Number of Downloads: NA

Rating: 4.23

Android Version Supported: 2.3 and higher

Download Space Required: 2.9MB

Hidden Call Recorder Price: Hidden Call Recorder is a free spy call recorder app.

  • TheOneSpy

Get access to all the calls received and record them using TheOneSpy hidden auto call recorder. The hidden call recorder app for android lets you record calls live and track all information of the person who has made the call.

This secret call recorder app also helps in tracking the call history along with the location. You can also restrict incoming calls from certain numbers.

Features of TheOneSpy Hidden Call Recorder:

  1. Live surround listening and camera streaming
  2. Tracking call history logs and location of the caller
  3. VoIP call history tracking
  4. IM recorded voices
  5. Real-time intercepting of calls and option available for storing all such data in web portals
  6. Monitor social media messages and VoIP calls
  7. MIC bug for recording the surrounding sounds
  8. Password chaser for accessing the target’s screen lock

Number of Downloads: NA

Rating: NA

Android Version Supported: 4.1 and higher

Download Space Required: 5MB

TheOneSpy Price: TheOneSpy call recorder app costs ₹1400 per feature, per month.


TTSPY is a smartphone monitoring software that helps ensure parental control, remote surveillance, and tracking. Location, calls or messages, can all be tracked with this hidden call recorder.

hidden whatsapp call recorder | TTSPY

In addition, it comes with the GPS tracking module that helps check the location of your children and remote employees.

TTSPY App Features:

  1. Call tracker for monitoring calls, their frequency, and timestamps
  2. Viewing outbox and inbox messages plus browsing MMS media files
  3. Option available for accessing geographical coordinates and addresses
  4. Geofence alert for monitoring the target’s movements
  5. Stealth mode that makes this hidden spy call recorder for Android work discreetly
  6. Spying on Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more
  7. SIM tracking and web history

Number of Downloads: NA

Ratings: NA

Android Version Supported: Android 4+

Download Space Required: NA

TTSPY Price: TTSPY offers a free hidden call recorder app download.

  • Spyzie Call Recorder

Spyzie call recorder lets you listen to calls in real-time and record them at your convenience. The hidden auto call recorder offers a Spyzie dashboard for viewing call logs and monitoring the calls.

best hidden call recorder app | Spyzie Call Recorder

The hidden call recorder for Android works in a discarded mode without letting the target know that they are being tracked.

Features of Spyzie Call Recorder:

  1. Browser history tracker also gives details about favorite websites, frequently visited sites, and more
  2. Access to SIM card information such as its IMEI code
  3. Setting forbidden zones so that you get immediate updates as soon as a target crosses them
  4. 3D Street views and exact coordinates for locating a phone
  5. WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. spying available too.

Number of Downloads: 30K

Ratings: 4.76

Android Version Supported: 4.0 and above

Download Space Required: 2 MB

Spyzie Price: Spyzie is one of the best hidden call recorder apps that costs ₹3,879 for a month.

  • Record My Call (RMC)

Record My Call is a free call recording application best for recording outgoing and incoming calls. Besides working in a discreet mode, the automatically hidden call recorder functions in stealth mode for tracking calls or messages.

The hidden call recorder for Android offers call reviews with a four-digit passcode for securing these logs.

Features of Record My Call:

  • Creating home folders for recording files and changing them as required
  • Seamless recording with the option of playing it in the background
  • Customizable channel with bitrate and sample rate
  • Audio input multiplication for clearer sound
  • Automated call recording filters also available

Number of Downloads: 5M+

Ratings: 3.9

Android Version Supported: NA

Download Space Required: 6.3 MB

RMC Price: RMC hidden call recorder app is available for free.

  • Sec Voice Recorder

Sec-Voice Recorder is a hidden call recorder app that offers a simple user interface with a start, reset and stop buttons from helping that helps you to record calls immediately. The app is easy for recording calls and sharing, playing, renaming, and deleting.

The hidden call recorder is ad-free and offers a quality recorder for storing files in multiple formats.

Sec Voice Recorder Features:

  1. File saving in .3GPP and .mp3 format
  2. Security from data thefts
  3. App lock feature for further
  4. Data protection
  5. Splash screen, themes, and items
  6. Reset button for resetting recorder and timer
  7. Easy to use the app in the background

Number of Downloads: 5K plus

Ratings: 3.9/5 (on app store)

Android Version Supported: 6.0

Download Space Required: 2.4MB

Sec Voice Recorder Price: The Sec Voice Recorder allows a free hidden call recorder app download.

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Best Hidden Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

Best hidden call recorder apps for iPhone support undetected call recordings besides giving access to messages, browser history, and text messages. Some of the best apps in the league are:

  • Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the best call recorder apps for automatically transcribing voicemails and filtering spam calls. The iPhone call recording software is easy to use and scalable enough to be attached to different ring groups and multi-level auto attendants.

best call recorder apps | Google Voice

Other features associated with Google Voice include porting and number assignment.

Google Voice App Features:

  1. Checking voicemails, messages, and calls
  2. Identifiers and diagnostics
  3. User content and usage data
  4. Location and search histories

Number of Downloads: 26,270

Ratings: 4.2

iOS Version: 20.16 and above

Download Space Required: 34MB, but this varies depending on the device.

Google Voice Price: Google Voice iPhone hidden call recorder offers Starter, Standard, and Premier plan starting from ₹775.90 per license.

  • TapeACall

TapeACall is an automatic call recorder for iPhone that is best for recording outgoing and incoming calls and sharing these through emails. You can set custom labels for the recordings through this secret call recorder app and merge calls as and when required.

automatic call recorder hide app | TapeACall

In addition, recordings saved in the app can be uploaded to Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox.

Features of TapeACall:

  • Easy recording of outgoing calls
  • Call merge option available
  • Module for making three-way calls
  • Unlimited recordings with transcriptions
  • Multi-language support

Number of Downloads: 10M+

Ratings: 4.2

Version Supported: 4.10.8 and above

Download Space Required: 297.6MB

TapeACall Price: TapeACall is a secret call recorder app for iPhone that costs ₹775.13 per annum.

  • iPadio

Make high-quality recordings, upload and geo-locate them with the iPadio hidden call recording app. Also, you can use the app for posting recordings on Blogger or WordPress.


In addition, iPadio supports the quick uploading of podcasts as well as editing these uploaded audios.

iPadio App Features:

  1. Option provided for embedding recordings
  2. User access management so that others can add their comments to recordings
  3. Live streaming for audios
  4. Code embedding
  5. High-quality video recordings for up to three minutes
  6. Easy to add descriptions, tags, photos, and titles to broadcasts

Number of Downloads: NA

Ratings: 2.5

Version Supported: NA

Download Space Required: NA

iPadio Price: iPadio hidden recording app for iPhone is absolutely free to use.

Why Use a Hidden Call Recorder App?

Many parents want to ensure the safety of their kids from the cyberbully. To prevent such incidences, parents often take the help of hidden call recorders for android & iOS.

Also, people are spying on their partners if there is any sign of infidelity. Business owners can also track the conversations and location of their employees with GPS-supported hidden call recorder apps. This is often done in scenarios where the owner wants to ensure the security of business transactions.

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  1. How can I secretly record iPhone calls?

    Hidden call recorders apps would help you record calls secretly without ever letting the target know that they are being monitored. These spy call recorders are easy to use, password-protected, and can be used for checking messages, social media sites, and website visits.

  2. Is there any hidden WhatsApp call recorder?

    Yes, there are hidden call recording apps like Cube Call Recorder for recording your calls via WhatsApp. This call recorder app for Android can be downloaded for free.

  3. How to record phone calls with Google Voice?

    You can record your phone calls using Google Voice after logging into your account and navigating to the Settings menu. Now, select ‘Calls’ and click on ‘enable call recording’ in the pop-up. Finally, simply press 4 to start the recording and the same button to stop it.

  4. Is hidden call recorder legal in India?

    Tapping conversations by any third-party platform is illegal in India, and currently, only the government is allowed to do it. But, even then, these government agencies have to follow due processes of law before going ahead with call recording.

  5. What is the best hidden call recorder without icon?

    Blackbox Call Recorder, Boldbeast Call Recorder, Cube Call Recorder, Automatic Call Recorder by RSA, and Otter Voice Notes are some of the best hidden call recorders without icon.

  6. What are free hidden spy call recorders for android?

    Some of the free hidden spy call recorder for Android are Sec-Voice Recorder, TheTruthSpy, RMC, iPadio, and TTSPY.

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