Facebook vs. Facebook Lite: Which is best for you?


Here in this article we will provide details about facebook vs facebook lite. Facebook has firmly established itself in many people’s online lives, whether they like it or not. Examining Facebook’s Lite app is one way you might be able to enhance your social media experience (available for Android and iOS). Both the standard Facebook app and the Facebook Lite app provide access to all of Facebook’s functions, although the latter is optimised to consume less network traffic and is compatible with low-end devices. In this Facebook vs. Facebook Lite comparison, we take a closer look at both applications to see which is better for you.

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One of the most widely used social networking platforms worldwide is Facebook. It has grown to be a preferred platform for individuals to connect with friends and family, exchange content, and keep up with the most recent news and trends, with more than 2.8 billion active users each month. But, the business recently unveiled Facebook Lite, a slimmer variation of its programme. In this post, we’ll contrast Facebook and Facebook Lite and look at their variations.

Size and Speed:

The size of the apps is one of the greatest distinctions between Facebook and Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is a more compact and quick alternative of Facebook, which takes up less storage space on a device. Facebook Lite’s ability to function on older devices and in locations with slower internet connections is the main cause of this. In underdeveloped nations where mobile data is expensive, it is a common choice because it is optimised to use less data.

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There are some distinctions between Facebook and Facebook Lite despite the fact that both offer identical services. Facebook Lite is the basic version of the programme; it lacks some of the features found in the full version. For instance, Messenger is not included in Facebook Lite, therefore users must download a different app to enjoy this function. Also, some material types—such as 360-degree images and videos—are not supported on Facebook Lite.

User Interface:

Another difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite is the user interface. Facebook Lite’s interface is less complex and contains less visuals and animations, making it simpler to use. Also, the software makes reading and understanding it easier by using fewer colours and typefaces. In contrast, Facebook has a more sophisticated UI with more functions and graphics.

Battery and Data Usage:

Compared to the main app, Facebook Lite is built to use less data and battery. This is so that it may be used in environments with slower internet connections and on older devices. The app is more effective to use on restricted data plans because it uses less data by compressing images and videos. In contrast, Facebook can use a lot of data and battery power, particularly when users are streaming movies or using Chat.


Let’s start with each application’s functionality. The key functions of the social network are provided by both Facebook and Facebook Lite, but Facebook doesn’t specify what it sees as the key features, so you’ll have to use the app to figure out what’s missing. Throughout our testing, we discovered that the News Feed, Marketplace, Stories, and Groups were all accessible. If you’re comparing the two applications, we advise installing Facebook Lite and using it to see if anything is missing that you think is important.

The main Facebook app will be your best option if you want to get the most out of Facebook even if we were unable to identify any obvious feature differences between the apps. New features are more likely to appear on the main Facebook app.

Winner: Facebook

facebook vs facebook lite

Mobile Data

Facebook Lite’s emphasis on using less data and functioning flawlessly across all networks, including 2G, which is regarded as one of the slowest data networks accessible, is one of its main selling features. In regions with plenty of 4G, 4G LTE, and 5G signals, the default Facebook app shouldn’t cause any problems. Even so, individuals with slower networks have a great alternative in Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite is a great choice for people who want to use less data on their cellular plans or for people who live in places without high-speed networks. Because of this, Facebook Lite consumes less mobile data, which in this case is more.

Winner: Facebook Lite

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For devices with little storage space, Facebook Lite is a great choice. Both the Facebook and Facebook Lite applications were downloaded to a Samsung Galaxy S20 during our testing. The overall size of the fully functional Facebook app was 181MB; this only includes the programme itself and does not contain any other data. Comparatively, the Facebook Lite app utilised only 2.65MB when evaluated using the same criteria; this is a very noticeable decrease.

Some may argue that the issue is irrelevant given that some smartphones come with up to 1TB of internal storage, but for devices with limited internal storage, where every bit and byte counts, Facebook Lite is a clear winner.

Winner: Facebook Lite

facebook vs facebook lite


Whenever Facebook is present, which is much everywhere, the main Facebook app is accessible. The Facebook Lite app is a little more constrained; while it is publicly accessible on the Android Play Store, the iOS version is only made available in a few regions. The Android version of Facebook Lite is accessible here in the United States, where we conducted our testing, but the iOS version is not. The main Facebook app is the winner in this area for access because it is open to all users.

Winner: Facebook

Overall winner

It’s always wonderful to have a clear victor in our comparison pieces, but when it comes to Facebook’s app store, the top pick is determined by a number of factors. For the majority of users, the best option will be the default Facebook app because it is readily accessible and gives you access to all of Facebook’s features. Nonetheless, Facebook Lite is a desirable choice that comes with all of Facebook’s key features if you reside in a region with a sparse cellular environment or your smartphone is limited in space. Because there is a tie in this conflict, pick the best solution for you.


In summary, Facebook and Facebook Lite each have pros and drawbacks. Facebook offers a more robust user experience and more features, while Facebook Lite is a lightweight substitute that is quicker, consumes less bandwidth, and functions better on older devices. In the end, the user’s preferences, the device they are using, and their internet connection will determine which option they choose. Facebook Lite can be a better option if you have an outdated smartphone or a data plan with restrictions. The normal app is the way to go, though, if you want to use more data and have access to all of Facebook’s features. This was all about facebook vs facebook lite hope you like it.

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